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Riga 12: Riga 12:
*'''My treasures''':
*'''My love''':
[[Immagine:stellina.jpg|150px]] '''Stellina''', 4 weeks old!
[[Immagine:stellina.jpg|150px]] '''Stellina''', 4 weeks old!

Versione delle 18:00, 12 dic 2006

Mexx.jpg ALÈ!!!

Luana ^^ (a little drunk and with longer hair.I was in a 70's party!!!!!)

GNU/Linux registered user #406257

e-mail: luanadimitrio_at_interfree.it

SIP address : luana82@

My photos on Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/luanacreativa/

  • My love:

Stellina.jpg Stellina, 4 weeks old!

Sparty.jpg Spartacopiccolo.jpg Spartaco

Palline.jpg Pesta Cipolle

Cora.jpg Cora2.jpg Cora

My favourite pet :

Goat.jpg the goat.... ^_^