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On Monday 3 April 2006 at the library of Capraia and Limite (Florence) our primary course of GNU/linux started.It was organized in collaboration with the municipality and it was free for all the partecipants.

The program:

  • Monday 3 April:

introduction to linux and the importance of freedom!

  • Tuesday 11 April:

How to install Ubuntu Breezy

  • Wednesday 19 April:

How to install OpenSuSE

  • Monday 24 Arpil:

GNU/Linux : a lot of graphic and not interfaces....

  • Wednesday 3 May:

GNU/Linux on net: connect GNU/linux to internet

  • Monday 8 May:

Everything is a file!: file e directory... is it allow?

  • Monday 15 May:

How to use GNU/Linux: Common used free softwares

  • Monday 22 May:

Free to install: How to add free Softwares

  • Monday 29 may:

Free software and documentation: How to solve our problems

  • Monday 5 June:

digital freedom and security and privacy

....The photos.....

Dario,the teacher...