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These are the photo's from Pakistan - "Father Aldino Amato" and his schools, Domenican Missionary

These are the pictures of the computers that Golem sent to a mission in Pakistan and it's more than 2000 children.

School year 2007-2008


The computer technician helps the 1st grade in Lab 3 with Father Aldino.

«dear friend thank you - viva golem viva edubuntu - viva il golem - thank you»

P aldino.jpg

Father Aldino and the 1st grade children with their computers.

Lab3 5g.jpg

13th grade girls in Lab 3.13th grade girls in Lab 3.

As of now we have been unable to accompish this task. These computers, to help the blind, do not have our prefered operating system. It is our goal for next year for the mission. A PINGUIN HELPS THE BLIND " Can you give us a hand?" Nonvedenti1.jpg