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during this period around our meeting place (OFFICINA INFORMATICA) there was a big fest so GOLEM took part to it and took advantage to promote open source and its activities :)

  • 17 June 2006

Lan Party

  • 16 June 2006

Party at GOLEM

  • 15 June 2006

The good end of the keyboard

Tastierano.jpg maybe it doesn't work :)....

Tastierako.jpg We operate it but it's gone....

Tast.jpg We take keys that are useful fr TRASH ART...

Pippoli.jpg We keep also this little ,soft and antistress things.... The other things are put in the separate collection of rubbish ^^

  • 13 Giugno 2006


Operiamo2.jpg ....and we starts hacking.

Chirurgodettaglio.jpg the surgeon is working....

Giochiamo.jpg And someone is playing with Tux ^^

Topoliniintrappolati.jpg .....Can you help we to set free theese mouses?!^^

  • 11 Giugno 2006

Casinobimbi.jpg what a crowd of peple


  • 3 Giugno 2006

Folla.JPG @_@

Nipoti.JPG Alex.U's nephews

Checisara.JPG curioses....:)

Halorgoglio.JPG Hal is proud of his ficattola (this is something good to eat^^)...^^ Take a look to the wall and to the obbrobio.

Laboratorio2.JPG tring installing ubuntu....

  • 1 Giugno 2006

Iniziabene.jpg We love eating....

Banchino1.JPG trash art

Mumble.jpg will it work or not?

Koorora.jpg ci piace kororaa!!!

Vivo.jpg legnatile is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!