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Riga 83: Riga 83:
Have a look at our photos [[Photos]] of our EVENTS
Have a look at our photos [[Photos]] of our EVENTS
Here some photos of our activicy about Trash Art: [[TRASH ART]]
Here some photos of our activicy about Trash Art: [[Trash!Art]]
== Events ==
== Events ==

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WARNING: GOLEM does not translate its wiki in English anymore, so be aware that these informations in English could be outdated.

Here you can find some English pages from our official web site, that we have just translated into.

Furthermore, we hope that our initiative (Golem Group) may be well-known among all people who read or contact our site from abroad.

For any comment or suggestion (but even for mistakes !!!) about them, please contact me at this e-mail addess: annalisaserafiniatliberodotit.

Don't hesitate to contact me... I will be very happy to help you.

About Golem (General Information)


The Golem is a Linux User Group (LUG) and it is located at Empoli, near Florence (Italy).

There are a lot of LUG in Italy and all over the world. Like others LUG, also the Golem has been a volunteer group for many years.

Since 2004 the Golem is an official Association for Social Services, with an own regulamentation. Members and friends are used to meeting every Tuesday evening, at 9.30 p.m. in our meeting place IO (that is our Officina Informatica, a kind of Computer science Workshop).

We are open to meet everybody, so you are welcome, too!

In this occasion, you can visit our meeting place IO (that is "Officina Informatica") and here you can find suggestions about Linux using and all others information that you need. All members, volunteers and friends usually keep in touch by a mailing lists service: it’s free and you can subscribe it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Where is GOLEM?

Where we are, maps and other sight directions to arrive at Golem

Our address is Via Magolo, 34/P, Avane, Empoli, near Florence (Italy).

Here you can find some maps to reach us easily :-)



There you can watch some photos of our OI (Officina Informatica).

Our activities

We are particularly involved in these kinds of activities about Linux and Free Software:

  • Gnu/Linux for the all citizens.

GOLEM is the promoter of courses (for any different levels) for all the community and people interested in.

Golem have been working at reutilization of unused hardware materials but running hardware to use it in a lot of projects.We call this activity TRASHWARE. This activity has a great success !!!.

And rememeber !!! Don't throw hardware materials away !!! Never and never !!!

First of all you must protect your privacy and personal data and secondly you must respect the environment: to sum up...recycling and recycling is the best our key.

  • Trash!art...such as the creative side of Trashware

We can make art with hardware materials or other things inside the computer....you can make birthday cd or useful belts :)

  • GOLEM against software patents

GOLEM fights against software patents and it supports Foundation for a Free Information Infrastucture (FFII). Help us to defend freedom!!!

  • Let's spread Open source!!!

In computer science, it makes a free exchange of documents between different programs.

==>DO NOT use or send NOT open document such as .doc but USE the Open Document Format (.ODF)

==>if you use VoIP , Use only software with standard protocols (H.323 and SIP) such as ekiga or WengoPhone....DO NOT USE, not open source like Skype.


Do you want enjoy yourself?

Have a look at our photos Photos of our EVENTS

Here some photos of our activicy about Trash Art: Trash!Art




In Italy, every year, one day is dedicated to celebrate the "Linux Day".

This year the date has been fixed on Saturday, 25th October, 2008 by the ILS (Italian Linux Society).

This public event is organized by all the Italian LUG (Linux User Group).

Every Italian LUG takes care to promote and to involve the community and people of the area they are located in (such as schools, media, associations and so on) in the use and knowledge of Linux and the Free software.

The Italian Linux Day is an official and important occasion to debate and to think over the Linux experiences in all Italy, too.

Furthermore, every LUG usually organizes meetings, conferences, papers and public shows of free software.

Please, have a look at the activity we will carry on during our [ http://golem.linux.it/index.php/Linuxday_2008], Empoli, (Italy).

We will be very happy to meet you at our meeting !!!

Contacts and our official Web site

For all information you can send an e-mail at: golem_AT_golem_DOT_linux_DOT_it.

Moreover, in our web page MEMBERS you can meet some of us and write us by e-mail: we are welcome to receive your suggestions and comments.

Pay attention!

You must change AT with “@” and DOT with “.”

PS: for any suggestions please contact Annalisa at: annalisaserafiniatliberodotit .